IT: Un viaggio in Andalusia con tre mete principali: Siviglia, Cordova e Granada.

EN: If you would like to go in Spain I think the one of the best places to visit is Andalucia. It’s particolar for its white and timeless villages, its traditions and its impressive landscapes.

It is nice to visit it also in autumn or winter: the climate is good. I went in Andalucia last november and it was sunny and warm every day.

Here some photos of my tour.


It’s a vital step if you go in Andalusia. 

  •  The Alcanzàr


  • The center of Sevilla


  • Plaza de Toros



The most impressive town in Andalucia

  • The Albaicìn


  • The Alhambra (this place is a paradise on earth, I didn’t want to go away)




  • The mezquita