Breathe and take a moment for yourself

Place: Lago Andreuccio, Pennabilli, PU

A day of spring 


How do you feel about a field trip?

IT: Vi piacerebbe fare una gita fuori porta? A volte non serve viaggiare in posti lontani per essere un viaggiatore. Ci sono posti anche molto vicini a casa nostra che magari non abbiamo mai visto.
Un giorno ho fatto un esperimento: ho preso l’auto e la mia macchina fotografica per andare in un posto vicino a casa mia che non avevo mai visto. E sono rimasta colpita dalla sua bellezza. Ecco qui alcune foto.
EN: Many times we’d like to travel to distant places. But there are places also very close to our houses that we haven’t seen before. So sometimes you don’t need to pack your bags for being a traveler.
I think a place isn’t better only because is further away.
One day I tried this experiment: I simply took the car and my camera to go in a place I had never seen before. And it was only one hour from home distant.
“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” – G.K. Chesterton
And that’s what I’ve discovered.


Through the streets of Sassocorvaro(PU), in Italy

A postcard


And what about you? Do you like this kind of trip?

This is a painting that I did of this place. I was very inpired by the place I had seen. Hope you like!

I like painting in the free-time and I would like to improve it, but I often haven’t time


A castle