Days of Spring

Location: Gabicce Monte (PU)

Silvia&Sara 12/03/2017


Discover Mantua

IT: Ho passato il weekend scorso a scoprire Mantova. Mantova è una città ricca di arte e bellezze naturalistiche, che a volte viene dimenticata.

Essa è la patria del poeta Virgilio, che si ispirò alle rive del Mincio per scrivere le sue Bucoliche, e dei Gonzaga, una delle più importanti famiglie italiane tra il quattordicesimo e il diciottesimo secolo.

EN: I spent the last weekend discovering Mantua. Mantua is a city rich in art and natural beauties, which is sometimes forgotten.

It is the birthplace of the poet Virgil, who was inspired by the banks of the Mincio to write his Eclogues, and Gonzaga, one of the most important Italian families between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries.

My tour

  • Day 1: Scorci di Mantova (il centro e le chiese)

    (The center of Mantova and it’s churches)




  • Camera degli Sposi

  • Teatro Bibiena (Bibiena’s theater)





  • Gita in traghetto sul Mincio (trip on boat)


Il paesaggio a cui probabilmente si ispirò il poeta Virgilio per scrivere alcune sue opere, come le “Bucoliche”.

Non tutti possiamo tutto” Bucoliche, VIII, 63

  • Day 3: Palazzo Te


Stanza di Amore e Psiche


Camera dei giganti







How do you feel about a field trip?

IT: Vi piacerebbe fare una gita fuori porta? A volte non serve viaggiare in posti lontani per essere un viaggiatore. Ci sono posti anche molto vicini a casa nostra che magari non abbiamo mai visto.
Un giorno ho fatto un esperimento: ho preso l’auto e la mia macchina fotografica per andare in un posto vicino a casa mia che non avevo mai visto. E sono rimasta colpita dalla sua bellezza. Ecco qui alcune foto.
EN: Many times we’d like to travel to distant places. But there are places also very close to our houses that we haven’t seen before. So sometimes you don’t need to pack your bags for being a traveler.
I think a place isn’t better only because is further away.
One day I tried this experiment: I simply took the car and my camera to go in a place I had never seen before. And it was only one hour from home distant.
“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” – G.K. Chesterton
And that’s what I’ve discovered.


Through the streets of Sassocorvaro(PU), in Italy

A postcard


And what about you? Do you like this kind of trip?

This is a painting that I did of this place. I was very inpired by the place I had seen. Hope you like!

I like painting in the free-time and I would like to improve it, but I often haven’t time


A castle

Through the streets of Numana

View of Loreto from Numana

IT: Un giro a Numana, che è forse il paesino più bello del Conero. Affacciata sul mare, in essa storia e bellezza si incontrano.

EN: Numana is maybe the pearl of Conero. I liked it a lot! Situated in the Conero park, Numana si divided into two parts: the first on the hillside and the second along the harbour and the beach.

The coast has earned the reward of Blue Flag, for the cleanliness and liveability of its beaches. The coast is full of cliffs and hidden beaches in cover.From Numana you can enjoy a great view of the entire coast. Numana was an ancient port founded by Syracusans: then it was included in the Athenian routes.It was a colony and then a Roman municipium, then in the Middle Age gradually decays.In recent years,as a humble fishing village it has been trasformed into a modern tourist city, but it mantains a good balance with the historical center. Simbols of the town are the tower, arc of stil unknown sources, and the Costarella, a beautiful alley that in summer is trasformed into a natural stage for art exhibition. Personally I had a good time in Numana, it is a quite town but in the summer evenings there are some events and a lot of tourists gives life to the center. Here some photos of my last stay.

Along the avenue

The Tower
Evenings in Numana

Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated.
The Old Man and the Sea

(seeing the fisherman in photo)

Hi everyone!

View of Conero and Loreto
View from Sirolo
Spiaggia dei frati

Last month I had a good time in Ancona, in Italy. Conero is a promontory on Adriatic sea. It is known for its beautiful tiny villages on the sea and for its breathtaking landscapes. There are a lot of beautiful beaches, Sassi Neri, Le due sorelle, San Michele, Portonovo,Spiaggia del Frate. Two particular towns are Sirolo and Numana. I’ll keep up you to date with this journey.

La Costarella Numana
Le Due Sorelle

Sea is so beautiful here! It seems to extend over the horizon!

“There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more ” Lord Byron